Equity Financial Press Limited

For over two decades, Equity Financial Press has earned a reputation for the efficient, accurate and timely production of such vital documents as IPO prospectuses, annual reports and shareholders’ circulars. The basis of our success is focus: each Equity team member, whether from Sales and Marketing, Account Management, Creative, Process and Project Management, or IT and Logistics, is dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients. Above all, it means we strive to meet your needs on time and on budget, every time.
A particular point of pride is our expertise in handling the production of IPO documents. Our involvement began in 1993, when Equity was selected to provide translation and production for three out of the first four Hong Kong Stock Exchange listings for Chinese stated-owned enterprises.
In 2004, Equity’s proven expertise led it to become the first financial printer in Greater China to win the Mercury Award’s Grand Award for Annual Reports (Hong Kong). Today, over two decades since our founding, Equity offers the capability and capacity to create, print and distribute financial documents of any type for virtually any client, in all the world’s major financial markets.